In order to inform, You must communicate in PR…

Remarque: Ce blog est en Français et en Anglais. J’ai volontairement ventilé les articles pour que chacun puisse trouver du contenu qui l’aide à mieux comprendre le métier et à développer des campagnes RP en cours et/ou à venir !

I often work as an Interim Manager, Advisor, Consultant as a selfemployed person on specific missions for short or long periods in French and in English.

For me, quality communication means an ongoing dialogue, a personalised follow-up, originality, creativeness, thoughtfulness, a pragmatic approach, trust, professionalism, and achieving the right balance between flexibility and rigour in all circumstances.
It also means securing the services of top specialists when and as required.

I decided to create this blog to help companies and people to communicate with the press… I am happy to give my tips and ideas to help your business to grow…

MY STRENGTH:  I can help you develop and implement a comprehensive communication plan tailored to your Public Relations, Marketing & Branding strategies, Press Relations and Events requirements. From drafting a press release to organising a press conference, from personalised work aimed at enhancing your image to the efficient management of a range of communication supports or e-communication implementation – I shall attend to every aspect of your communication strategy thoroughly and conscientiously.

A votre disposition,
Moblie/WhatsApp +32 475 412 413

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